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It’s a new school year here at Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) and what better way to welcome back our students and staff than to unveil our brand new webspace for the community. Our new webpage features the latest web platform to provide students, parents/guardians, and teachers with the best tools for success.

Our webpage isn’t the only thing new to HCPS this year! We welcome Dr. Sean Bulson as our new Superintendent. Follow his Entry Plan and be a part of the discussions where Dr. Bulson talks about the strengths and values of the school system while building a foundation for trusting and productive relationships.

Take a chance to explore our new webspace and come back regularly for news and updates!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

What's Happening

Dear Fallston Middle School Parents,

This year, we will be hosting an American Education Celebration.  We hope that you are making plans to join your child/children as we celebrate the promise of public education at Fallston Middle School.  We have designated the following days as “Focus Days” for classroom visitations and we welcome and encourage you to visit your child’s classroom.                      

Monday, November 12 - Grandparents’/ Senior Citizens Day - All Grades

Tuesday, November 13- Grades Pre-K, K, 2, 4, (middle – 6 and 8) (high - 10 and 12)

Wednesday, November 14 - Grades 1, 3, 5, (middle - 7) (high - 9, 11)

Again this year, in an effort to keep our buildings safe and secure while we enjoy our many visitors, HCPS asks that you pre-register for your visit by providing a list of approved visitors for your child.


A list will be generated, and this process will allow us to provide security and to facilitate the check-in process in an expedient manner in order to allow you more time to visit with your child.



Below you will find the pre-registration form.  In order to expedite your visit please return the registration form to the main office as early as possible but no later than Thursday, November 9.  The form has also been posted to our school’s Edline page.  Registered guests should include anyone you wish to visit your child’s classroom. 

 When you enter the main lobby of the school, you will see a visitor’s table.  Please stop to show photo identification, put on a visitor’s badge, and get any assistance you may need in finding your child.

Once at your child’s classroom, your child will be excited to have you in his/her “workplace” and, while we strive to make visitation days a “learning as usual” affair, we expect a higher overall energy level as the children express this excitement.  We also ask that you visit only your child’s classroom.

 Please help us to accommodate the many visitors that we expect by adhering to the following guidelines:

 AVOID LUNCH HOUR VISITATION:  During our American Education Celebration visitation, we are asking that visitors not plan to eat lunch in our dining room. During this time, we simply do not have the space to accommodate both students and the potentially large number of adult diners. Since we are unable to accommodate all adults at lunch, we ask for your cooperation in scheduling your visit around your child’s designated lunch time.

  • REFRAIN FROM USING CELL PHONES: We ask that you adhere to the same cell phone policy our students follow while in the building.  Cell phones should be turned off and out of sight.  In addition, photographs should not be taken, out of respect for the privacy of our other students.

  • REFRAIN FROM BRINGING NON-SCHOOL-AGED CHILDREN:  While we would love to introduce our school and students to your younger children, we want to maintain the focus of the visit on our school-aged children and watch them shine in the classroom.

  • CARS MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE BUS LANES BY 2:00 to accommodate the buses coming for dismissal.

  • SIGN-OUT PROCESS: If you choose to take your child home with you at the end of the day, please sign them out in the Main Office. If you plan for your child to go home with someone other than yourself, please write a note including the name of the person taking your child and have your child bring it to the main office that morning. All notes must be signed by a legal guardian/parent.


    We feel confident that you will leave our school energized by the excitement that our students bring to their learning and impressed by the many competencies they demonstrate each day. Thank you for supporting your child’s education and our school. We are looking forward to seeing you.


        Anthony Bess

    Dr. Anthony Bess      






    Fallston Middle School


    Student Name: _______________________________________


    Grade: __________________                          Homeroom Teacher: ____________________________


    Visitors: (Please print the names of any visitors that you wish to be able to visit your child’s classroom.)


  • ______________________________________

  • ______________________________________

  • ______________________________________

  • ______________________________________

  • ______________________________________

  • ______________________________________


 Parent’s Signature: _______________________________________________


Please remind all visitors to bring photo ID with them on the day of the visitationAlso, please notify your guests that cameras, food and drink are not permitted in the classroom and that all cell phones must be off and out of sight.  In addition, non-school-aged children should be excluded from the visit in order to keep the focus on the children in the classroom.  Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you.


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